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Unigear 600D Dry Bag Solution

We at VADV Adventures are always on the lookout for innovative, inexpensive and lightweight gear for MotoVloging, Backpacking, Motorcycle Camping or applications where the preferred form factor is small, packable and lightweight.

The Unigear 600D Dry Bag 5L has become a part of my every day carry (EDC) collection  – It is my “Man Bag”.  I originally purchased the Unigear 600D Dry Bag 5L as a strap on pack solution for my motorcycle enabling me to carry a few more items outside of my saddlebags and still remain waterproof.   This worked out great and I put on several hundred miles with the Unigear 5L attached to my bike and even got compliments along the way of my genius motorcycle pack application – and it matches my bike !!

Uses are many and I have some Ideas for you !!

  • iPad or Tablet protection. ( I use the Unigear 5L every day for this).
  • Gym clothes bag  – won’t stink up your car !!
  • Gear compartmentalization.
  • Dry Bag for water related sports or activities.
  • Camera Gear Bag.

I plan to get another Unigear 2L and 10L – Why?  Well I am going to use one for my cooking gear mostly and the 2L unit (Red) for a first aid kit !!.  The trick to using the Unigear 5L or any other size with electronics or similar is you need a padded liner of some sort – I use Koozies, Towels and Stocking Caps !!  The uses are really endless.  I love the Unigear 5L.

Links to our video content are available on Facebook.  The Unigear 5L can be purchased from Amazon as we did.

From the Manufacturer:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT and DURABLE: Offer proven protection for everything from river running to motorcycle touring; Suitable for quick submersion, protects valuables from dirt, dust, sand and water
  • WATERPROOF GUARANTEE: Provides waterproof protection for your phones, camera, clothes, and documents from Water, Sand, Dust and Dirt
  • SHOULDER STRAP: Comes With an Extra Long Removable and Adjustable Shoulder Sling for Easy Carry and Transport
  • PERFECT SIZE: Different sizes meet your all needs to stay dry and still being able to easily carry. Roll top provides you an adjustable function
  • PACKAGE: Waterproof/snowproof/dirtproof universal size touch friendly phone bag fits all smartphones up to 6 inches diagonal size, credit card, wallet and money