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GSI Outdoors Collapsible Java Drip


We at VADV Adventures are always on the lookout for innovative, inexpensive and lightweight gear for MotoVloging, Backpacking, Motorcycle Camping or applications where the preferred form factor is small, packable and lightweight.

The GSI Outdoors Collapsible Java Drip (or any other similar) pour over collapsable coffee drip unit is one of those items I would consider a luxury (Under $20).  Given that other options are available for coffee drinkers in a even smaller form factor (like instant coffee) the buyer for a “Collapsible Java Drip” must love really good coffee and relish in the process of making the best camp coffee possible – and we do.

We see all these camp meal options in general that revolve around quick, instant, freeze dried meals and drinks that require you the chef to have complete control over you’re water boiling skills.  We understand some people would like to spend time in camp doing things other than cooking. We understand the weight factor for backpacking that might prompt you to gravitate towards a more lightweight meal or drink. Then we have the preservation factor and what foods will spoil at higher temps and which don’t – even indefinitely.

Regressing back to the coffee maker …. we like to mess with cool cooking gear and we like to make quality coffee.  This is the motivation for getting the GSI Outdoors Collapsible Java Drip.

Given so many on the market how does the GSI differ?

  • The GSI is more sturdy than most and has a cover.
  • Coffee filters can be placed inside the closed unit in a nice handy package.
  • The cover can be used as a small plate or coaster for your coffee cup.

We use the GSI Collapsible Java Drip as the base of our cook kit.  This acts as a cushion or durable impact resistant base to protect potentially expensive “Titanium” cooking gear.  Everything related to cooking is in one bag !!  The GSI goes in the cook sack first then in our case a rag or koozie – then the cook set – and on top we put a stocking cap for cold weather mornings making that first cup of Joe.  The gear is all padded then – remember we have hard bags on our motorcycle.  We like the GSI Drip.

Links to our video content are available on Facebook.  The GSI Collapsible Java Drip can be purchased from Amazon as we did.

From the manufacturer:

  • 4 Filter capacity brews 1-12 cups of coffee
  • Collapsible silicone bellows design expands from 1-Inch high, 5.6-Inch diameter disc to a sturdy, full height drip cone
  • Unique, fit-ring design centers drip cone over mugs, cups and wide mouth water bottles for stable spill free brewing
  • Weight 4.8-Ounce
  • Includes collapsible 4 drip cone, snap-on cover