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Klymit Cush Inflatable Pillow & Seat Cushion



We at VADV Adventures are always on the lookout for innovative, inexpensive and lightweight gear for MotoVloging, Backpacking, Motorcycle Camping or applications where the preferred form factor is small, packable and lightweight.

The Klymit Cush Inflatable Pillow & Seat Cushion is my choice first for a sleeping/pillow solution.  Klymit is a sleeping pad manufacturer and I would check out those too – I got one !!

Being that I am a bit of a fidgety sleeper to say the least – I had no great hopes for any “Blow-Up” pillow to tell you the truth.  I went through my tent bag filled with whatever phase and that didn’t work well at all.  The price point for the Klymit Cush Inflatable Pillow (Under $15) was worth a try.

Well here is the “Rest” of the story ….

Starting off the Klymit Cush Inflatable Pillow packs very small – about half the size of my shaking clenched fist !!  It inflates in no time and is slip resistant.  I use it cradled into my Down Mummy Bag head section and pull the sleeping bag drawstring a bit to help keep the pillow in place.  This method should be universal with all mummy type bags.

Well to my surprise using the Klymit Cush Inflatable Pillow provided a much improved comfort level while sleeping.  The Klymit is also modular where you can fold over the pillow to different thicknesses for reading or simply staring out the tent door.  The Klymit’s best attribute is that it stayed in place without slippage and did remain in its position in the mummy sleeping bag the entire night.  This was due to the help of the drawstring head section on my sleeping bag.  I really never plan to sit on it – why would you??

The Klymit Cush Inflatable Pillow comes in several colors and I got the blue !!

Links to our video content are available on Facebook.  The Klymit Cush can be purchased from Amazon as we did.


From the Manufacturer:

  • COMFORTABLE PILLOW: The versatile design can be used either as a sit pad to protect from cold, wet, hard surfaces, or as a lumbar support in for long days in uncomfortable seats
  • COMFORTABLE SLEEP: Patterned to fit in a mummy bag’s hood, the ergonomic design minimizes pressure points and features ear pockets for side-sleeping comfort
  • Use it at single-layer thickness, or double – even triple – it up for more comfort while sitting or taking a quick afternoon trail nap. Need a custom sit? Just adjust the air pressure.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Fits perfectly inside the hood of your sleeping bag; ULTRALIGHT: Packs down to pocket size and inflates with just a breath or two
  • RUGGED MATERIAL: The lightweight 75D polyester material provides superior tear, puncture and abrasion resistance. WEIGHT: 2.89 Ounces; INFLATED SIZE: 29 x 9 x 1.5; EASY-TO-USE push valve allows for quick inflation and deflation